Hush Microblading

Want to change the fullness and shape of your brows? Microblading at Frisco is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to give the impression of fuller brows. In addition, Microblading creates a natural light finish to a bold brow. Medical Aestheticians match the natural color of your brows with the skin undertone.

First, your skin is cleaned and numbed for treatment. Then, a small handheld tool with tiny needles is set to manually draw delicate hair strokes while depositing pigment under your skin. The hairlike strokes are not as deeply embedded into your skin as normal tattoos, and the pigment is metabolized by your body and eventually fails.

Microblading takes anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on how full you want your brow to look.
After your Microblading treatment at Frisco, TX. It is advised to make a follow-up appointment for at least four to six weeks to ensure the results still look good or need tweaking.
The result lasts from one to three years, depending on your skin type, products used, and lifestyle.
Do use sunscreen to help extend the longevity of your brows. Sunscreen helps prevent the fading that occurs from sun exposure. Avoid getting your brows wet for about a week or so as they heal. Avoid using makeup on the areas for at least a week. Once you are completely healed, it’s okay to go back to your normal skin and makeup routines.



New Client – $600
Includes a follow up 4-6 weeks after the first treatment

A repeat of Microblading

(Existing Client) —$500

Existing clients who haven’t had a touch-up in at least 18 months. Includes a follow-up treatment 4-6 weeks after.

1-2 Month Touch Up


Existing Clients Only

3-5 Month Touch Up


Existing Clients Only

6-9 Month Touch Up


Existing Clients Only

10-18 Month Touch Up


Existing Clients Only

Touch Up

New Client —$350

New Clients who have the previous Microblading done by another person. The pigment is faded but not gone.